Sunday, April 3, 2011

March Cookie Carnival Round Up - Chocolate Brownie Oatmeal Cookies

 It's time for another Cookie Carnival Round Up!

There were two chocolate cookie recipes to choose from this month:

Choc. Mint Sandwich Cookies 

Chocolate Brownie Oatmeal Cookies

Everyone in this round up chose to make the Chocolate Brownie Oatmeal Cookies from Quaker Oats. I must say, these cookies are so good! My cookie monsters gobbled them up quickly. This recipe is a keeper for us.

Check out what everyone else had to say...

Katrina @ Baking and Boys made some healthy changes to her cookies. She said that they were really good.

Tessa @ The Cookin Chemist - Said that she's more of a vanilla girl than chocolate but you should check out what her hubby did with them!

Shonda @ The Knowlton Nest added wheat germ to her cookies to make them healthier.

 Ana @ Anasbageri described her cookies "more like small cakes, very light, pleasant and sweet".

Barb @ Mom's Fridge said "With a name like that, how wrong could you go with this recipe? Answer: there's nothing wrong at all here--just plenty of deliciousness.".

Vivian @ Let's Try These said "I kid you not, this is one killer cookie recipe.".

and  my cookies Tami @ Tami's Kitchen Table Talk said "These cookies are soft and chewy and down right delicious!".

WAIT!!  We have 3 more bakers to include this month! The first two became victims of the Internet in outer space. Not sure if they just disappeared or if I'm having trouble with my email address again. For this reason, I am changing the email address connected with the Cookie Carnival - details to follow! I will email everyone about it and you will see the changes here on my blog. The last baker to be shown is Krista. Somehow I overlooked her entry. I apologize!! I have all of the entries for the month staring me in my face when I do the round up but I just skipped it and marked it "read". I'm a dork for doing this. I'm so sorry!!

Juliana @ Horneando Algo used mini M&Ms in place of the nuts. Oh yeah! A girl after my own heart!!

Tiffiny @ The Bake - Off Flunkie added chocolate chips to her recipe but that's not all...she froze the cookie dough and then bake them for a wonderful chewy cookie. Check out her results. Clever!

Krista @  Meet the Swans added peanut butter cups to her cookies. Who could resist these?

 Please take a few minutes to check out the blogs from all of these great bakers. Share some bloggy love!!

Thanks for this AMAZING round up!!

If you would like to join us in baking with the Cookie Carnival, click here to read more about it.
Everyone is welcome here!!

Happy Baking!


Katrina said...

They all look great, Tami. I actually made the MS Chocolate Mint Sandwich Cookies as well, but haven't been able to get a blog post up about them yet. I just finished them and served them at a bridal shower yesterday and they were LOVED!

Sue said...

I still really want to make these. They sound delicious!

Tami said...

Katrina, send me the link once you get it posted. I'll post it here! They sound great. I just didn't have the time to make them.

Sue, do try them. They're good!!

Gourmified said...

Oh they all look tasty! I'm hoping that I can join back up in a couple of months once things settle down at home.

Anonymous said...

I also participated... here is a link to my Chocolate Brownie Oatmeal Cookies:

Cheap kitchens said...

thanks for the recipe! seems to be a great dish! gonna try it smtime! hope to see more good recipes here!

mole removal said...

Its so yummy.. And Looks very testy. Now i have plans to make one of this and I'm pretty sure my mom would definitely love it.Thanks for sharing this awesome recipe here.

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