Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween Black Widow Bars

I've decided to join in on this month's fun over at the Cooking with Alicia & Annie Blog Event.

My entry is call Halloween Black Widow Bars.

The recipes says to bake it in a round pan so that the cake will resemble one large spider web but since I don't have a pan like that, I decided to bake it in a 9 x 9 square pan and then cut the cake into small individual servings using a round cookie cutter.

My little individual cakes turned out to be very cute. But when eating it, the cake and icings, are very rich...making even my little cakes just too much for one serving. To me, the cake has sort of peanut butter/chocolate chip bread consistency instead of a cake consistency. The chocolate icing is soooo good! I think that my daughter and I could've just sat there eating it out of the bowl. The icing on my little cakes did not get hard like a cake icing would. I'm going to store the leftovers in the frig. I might even pop one or two into the freezer.

If you read the instructions all of the way through, you will see that it says that this cake serves 20. I thought for sure that this was a typo but now that I've made it, I assure you that it is not. A small sliver of this cake with it's delicious icing is all that is required to satisfy your sweet tooth least for a few moments. I would suggest using a round cake pan as instructed in the recipe.

(and now for an embarrassing OOPS! Look at the spider webs on my little cakes. I indented the lines the wrong way. Instead of drawing the lines on the circles from the inside circle out, I started at the outside circle and went in. Oh well, this is our secret! They'd still look cute with little spiders sitting on the webs.)


We Are Not Martha said...

I wouldn't have even noticed!! I think these are adorable :) You had me at the peanut butter consistency description :)


Tami said...

Hi Sues!

It's funny, I was sitting there starring at the cakes thinking that they looked cute but just not like a normal spider web. Then it dawned on me what I did. lol!

I'm glad you stopped by!


Amanda said...

Those look great Tami!

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