Friday, September 19, 2008

I received this email this evening from Donna-Marie, a friend that I met through She lives in the one of the most beautiful places in the world to me...Maine. I am captivated by the beauty of Maine...the rocky beaches, the lighthouses and the gorgeous colors in the fall. I have never been, but hopefully someday we will make it there!

The Leaves
by anonymous

The leaves had a wonderful frolic.
They danced to the wind's loud song.
They whirled, and they floated, and scampered.
They circled and flew along.

The moon saw the little leaves dancing.
Each looked like a small brown bird.
The man in the moon smiled and listened,
And this is the song he heard.

The North Wind is calling, is calling,
And we must whirl round and round,
And then, when our dancing is ended,
We'll make a warm quilt for the ground

Beautiful! I can wait for the leaves to start changing colors!

Thanks Donna Marie!

**This poem is also posted at Check it out! Get your kids involved in reading anything & everything!


Faulty Dreamer said...

My moms name is Donna Marie! :) She lives in NC though, lol. PS-haven't tried the calf trimmers. I should, lol. LOVE your blogs.

Amanda said...

This is a beautiful poem Tami!

Tami said...

faulty dreamer - How cool is that that her name is Donna Marie. I haven't heard of many women with that name. Until I looked at your blog, I had no idea that the calf trimmers even existed. ;)

Thanks for the nice comment about my blog. Stop back soon!

Tami said...

Amanda, I thought that it was beautiful, too. Andy is working on a project for school called "Falling Leaves" --it's a science project about finding and identifying different types of leaves--he is thinking of including this poem. :)

Donna Marie lives in a beautiful area for "falling leaves". We are hoping to take a short trip to the NC mountains this year when the leaves start changing colors.

Lunar Earth Mama said...

Stopping by to say hi!!! This is LunaLin from Carolina Momma!

Beautiful poem! I'm especially partial to earthy poems!

Tami said...

Hi Lin!! I'm so happy that you stopped by. Stop back again soon! :)

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