Friday, February 5, 2010

Stuffed Burgers - Low Carb, too!

My son's favorite meal is a cheeseburger. He was so happy when I told him that I would be adding it to our menu this week because I can eat them, too. My husband and daughter are ok with eating cheeseburgers as long as it's only once in a while.

I decided to stuff all of the toppings into the burgers so we didn't have a mess with everything falling off of them when we were eating. I find it to be a pain when toppings fall all over the place and you don't get to eat them with the burger.

I pan fried these because it's been raining and very windy here for the last two days - not good for grilling.

Stuffed Burgers
makes 6 - 8 burgers

2 lbs 80% ground beef
3/4 C. chopped mushrooms
3/4 C. shredded cheddar cheese
2 TBSP Montreal steak seasoning
2 tsp garlic powder
2 tsp onion powder

I divided the 2 lbs of meat into 6 burger. If you like smaller burgers, you can easily divide it into 8.

Mix the steak seasoning, garlic powder and onion powder into the meat. Be careful not to over mix or it will make the meat tough. 

Divide each burger into 2 pieces.

Divide the mushrooms and cheese evenly among the burgers, laying the toppings on one of the two pieces of each burger.


Place the second half of the burger on top of the cheese. Pinch the edges together all the way around the burger to seal. Pan fry until cooked to your liking.

The family had fries with their burgers. I had a side of sauteed kale with mine. (above photo)


Kelly said...

Girl, you got me wanting burgers now!! I love cheeseburgers and they are one of my staples with low-carbing. My husband is not too crazy about them, but oh well, when Im the one who does the cooking, you eat what I cook! LOL

Tami said...

I feel the same way...when I'm cooking, you eat what I put on the table or make yourself something else. lol!

I have to say that this burger was really good!

Jeremy Logsdon said...

That looks REALLY good. I am definitely going to be making that soon.

Vegan.Bohemian said...

What a great idea!!! I'm going to try this one next week! You have a great blog too! I look forward to getting to know you =D
Peace ^_^V

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