Monday, February 1, 2010

Menu Plan Monday - Low Carb & Family Menus

My kids had a snow day from school today due to icy roads and my husband is sick, so I'm not getting much done on the computer. While I have a minute, I want to post my menus for the week.

If anyone has suggestions for low carb snacks and quick meal ideas, I'd love to see them!

My Low Carb Menu

M - cheeseburger w/ steamed cabbage (changed cabbage to kale to use what was in frig)
T - fresh green beans cooked with mushrooms and turkey ham
W -flank steak w/ peppers & onions, side salad, slices of avocado
H - skillet chicken florentine* - new recipe
F - kielbasa (if a can find some that is fairly low carb) & cabbage.
A - chef salad
Sun - Superbowl - going out to dinner with my daughter while my
husband and son watch the game.

Family Menu

M - cheeseburgers with spicy mac 'n' cheese
T - pasta & red sauce
W - flank steak soft tacos, rice and green beans
H - grilled chicken, chicken rice, cottage cheese & cukes w/ vinegar
F - hot dogs w/ fries
A - chef salads
Sun - Superbowl - menu to be determined

Don't forget to check out some other great menu plans at Menu Plan Mondays!


coolcool654 said...
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Kelly said...

something I love to keep in the frig for snacks are ham and cream cheese rolls. I make them ahead of time (10 or so) and when I'm feeling that urge they are there!

Tara said...

Have you tried the Oopsie Roll yet? They are really, really good and you feel as though you are eating bread. I like 'tricking' my body so the cravings go away. ;-)

Tami said...

Kelly, I love that idea. I'm definitely going to make some of those and stick them in the frig. Thanks!

Tara, I've been reading a lot about the Oopsie rolls but I haven't tried them. I'm almost afraid to..thinking that if I can do without anything like this for a while longer, I'd be better off. I almost gave in tonight and bought low carb tortillas but I didn't. How many carbs are in a single Oopsie roll?

Tara said...

Less than 1 gram, so that's awesome! I have the recipe over on my blog if you want to check it out (plus there is an absolutely yummy picture of an Oopsie Roll burger with bacon).

I understand not wanting to give in. I think you are doing an awesome job!

Tami said...

Ok,now I'm going to take a look at them on your blog. A bacon burger on a roll would be great right now. lol! Thanks for the info!

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