Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Menu Plan Monday (on Tuesday)

I'm running behind...as usual.

Here are my meal plans for the week. Once again, if things get busy, the meals might get switched around. I will post the new recipes that I try.

My Low Carb Menu

Monday - chef salad

Tuesday - inside out chicken cordon bleu bundles

Wednesday - grilled pork tenderloin, steamed cabbage

Thursday - roast beef w/ peppers and onions

Friday - pizza burger w/ sauteed zucchini

Saturday - taco salad

Family Menu

Monday - pizza

Tuesday - chicken enchilada casserole

Wednesday - grilled pork tenderloin, fried noodles

Friday - spaghetti pizza

Saturday - pork stir fry, rice & homemade egg rolls

Come back throughout the week to check out some new desserts that I'm trying out on my family. 

Check out Orgjunkie.com for more great menus on Menu Plan Monday!


CindyB said...

HI Tami,
The Ham is really simple!!I don't really have a recipe for it =) I have a Blackforest ham that is precooked that i will be using,
1 tin of pineapple tidbits and it's juice
and the I add some water if needed so that there is about 3 inches in the bottom of the slow cooker( I guess you could just add another tin of tidbits too or I have already added a can of Gingerale) The longer I am planning on cooking the more water or liquids I put in to keep it moist.
For variety I will sometimes sprinkle brown sugar and Ground mustard on top of the ham. But I like it with just the pineapples best.
I put it in the Slow cooker Frozen 3-4 hours I start it on high and then when I see that it is thawed I will turn it down ( you could also do it on low for up to 8 hours too much longer than that I find it's overcooked)
from the fridge 2-3 hours on low till heated through.
I hope that makes sense,


av女優 said...


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