Monday, January 25, 2010

Low Carb & Family Menu Plan Monday

Last week was a menu plan nightmare. I don't think that I stuck to the menu at any time after Wednesday. I did stick to low carb eating, though. (Yay!)

Hopefully we will stick to this week's menu better. :)  I've been searching through some low carb recipe books that I picked up from the library last week. Between those books and the ones that I have here at home, I found several new recipes that I'm eager to try. Low carbing is even easier and more fun when you can look forward to trying new recipes!

One tip that I would like to offer on eating out at restaurants....

If you don't see anything low carb on the menu, don't be afraid to create a dish for yourself. As long as it's not too far out in left field, most places will accommodate you. For instance, this past Wednesday my husband wanted to try a new Mexican restaurant that just opened in the town next to us. There wasn't anything other than a garden salad on the regular menu so I asked them if they would make a steak salad for me. After explaining what type of meat I would like on it and what items I would like left out of the salad (guacamole, salsa and sour cream), they were more than happy to make it for me. Happy Happy!

On to this week's menu...

My Low Carb Menu

Monday - chicken salad

Tuesday - low carb wedding soup* - new recipe

Wednesday - crustless quiche* - new recipe

Thursday - puerto rican turkey* w/ sauteed spinach - new recipe

Friday - undetermined- we usually go out

Saturday - pork soulvaki & steamed cabbage

Sunday - Cauliflower Soup* with salad -new recipe 

Family Menu

Monday - grilled chicken, chicken rice and corn

Tuesday - chicken tortellini soup and corn bread

Wednesday - breakfast for dinner

Thursday - puerto rican turkey, potatoes and veggie

Friday - undetermined  - we usually go out

Saturday - pork soulvaki & spaetzles

Sunday - pasta & red sauce

For more inspiring recipes, check out Menu Plan Monday!

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