Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sunday Steelers Playoff Food!

WooHoo! We're Superbowl bound!! How exciting is that?!?

I'm trying to come up with some easy recipes that will allow me to spend my day in front of the TV on Sunday watching the playoffs! (Yes, I'm a football freak ...especially when my Steelers are playing!!) I'll be there in the afternoon rooting for the Eagles to win their game --bring on the Turpike Bowl!! ;)

For afternoon snacking, I'm making:

Brown sugar smokies

Pepperoni rolls

For dinner I think that we are having:

Crockpot Chicago Style Beef Sandwiches

Antipasto pasta salad

I have no idea what dessert for later that night will be.

I will post pics and recipes sometime after Sunday.


MaierHousehold said...


This stuff sounds yummo! I hope you enjoy your day of football!

Have a great weekend!

angie said...

I'm not into football, but I love having sports parties like that! I may turn on the Super Bowl this year just for that reason!

Sara said...

Sounds like a good menu, have fun!

Elizabeth said...

Hey fellow Steelers fan.Menu looks awesome.Wish we lived closer.We would have an awesome spread !

Anonymous said...

My Bears never had a chance this year!

One fav thing I like to do is buy a 2 pound bag of precooked meatballs, throw them frozen in a crock pot with a jar of hot pepper jelly and a jar of cocktail sauce. As the sauce starts to melt it thaws the meatballs - takes a couple hours, but the smell, and TASTE is amazing - perfect balance of spicy and sweet!

Sharon said...

Now that they are going to the Superbowl, what's the game night menu! I'll be waving my terrible towel!

Susan said...

Wow everything sounds really yummy- Im coming to your house! I especially like the idea of the Crockpot Chicago Style Beef Sandwiches

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