Friday, January 30, 2009


We are proudly wearing our Black & Gold this weekend so I thought that it was fitting that my blog should wear the colors, too!

I love talking with all of the fans who have stopped by to say hi to me!

My friend Sharon, from View from my treehouse, said that she thought of me when she read this:

Our Father,
Who Art in Pittsburgh,
Football Be Thy Game.
The Kingdom Come,
5 Super Bowls Won,
On Earth as it is in Heinz Field.
Give us this Day a Superbowl Victory,
And forgive us our penalties,
As we defeat those who play against us.
But lead us into a victory,
And deliver us to Tampa!



Way to go, coach!!

IMO, choosing Bruce Springsteen to play for the half-time show, was the worst choice they could've made! Did anyone happen to watch his interview on ESPN yesterday? OMG! the man is so full of himself! He started out by proclaiming that he knows nothing about football and that the only reason he agreed to do the half-time show was because they have a new album out. What a pompous a$$! I'll find something else to do during those 15 minutes!

And now on to the food..........

When I asked my kids what they would like for me to make for snacks for the game, they both said "Chips and dip". hahaha! Gotta luv them! So that's what they're getting. Saves me time and everyone is happy!

I might try this recipe for Chicken Cigars (hate that name!) from Rachel Ray. My hubby will like these.

I'm keeping it simple for dinner, too. I think (not set in stone yet) that I'm going to make Greek chicken pitas and baked mac n cheese.

I have to come up with something for dessert this time. I have no clue yet so if anyone has a suggestion, please let me know! Something simple that can be made ahead of time.

That's it for now....

Keep waving those Terrible Towels!!!



Barbara Bakes said...

How fun that you switched to yellow and black. I was going to cheer for Arizona because they're the underdog, but I may have to rethink that now!

Anna Sophia said...

I will have to send that "prayer" to my father and Grandfather, two HUGE Steelers fan, as am I (by default of family team) :-) Thanks for visiting my site! Yes, my guy is pretty serious one, does not like to be "joked with" but can have fun a rough house with daddy. He is my intellectual and though he enjoys sports, he wants to go to "science camp" this summer. :-) I LOVE it!! My daughter (3yrs) is the COMPLETE opposite! So goofy, whimsy, playful, and loves a good joke. "are you teasin'?" she says with laughter. It's funny how opposite they can be.

geekbride said...

I've got my Terrible Towel ready!

Tami said...

Come on over to the fun side, Barbara!! ;) There's always room for another Steelers fan!

Anna Sophia and geekbride, it should be an awesome game!!

Sharon said...

I will be waving my terrible towel! It's over 25 years old and a litle ragged, but it can take one more game!

MaierHousehold said...

Tami---I have been missing you! Hope things are going good! I will be thinking of you tomorrow...underneath my Texas exterior I like the Steelers!

Have you tried Paula Deen's Orange Brownies? They are DELICIOUS! You can make them with an orange glaze or a cream cheese frosting. I personally think the glaze is much better! You could always make cake balls...use a yellow cake and dark chocolate.


Tami said...

Sharon, Keep that little ol' ragged towel and wave it proudly. It's been around for all of the ups and downs!!

Hi Kim!!

Things have been so busy here lately and then my kids were sick yet again. UGH!

YES! Another Steelers fan! They truly have fans all over the place! During the past season, I have met and talked to so many fans that I've lost track of the count. It's funny how football can bring people together.

I will have to look up the orange brownie recipe. I have a strange family...they don't like cake balls.

I've been craving chocolate cake with chocolate frosting so I might make cupcakes. I have everything else planned out.

I hope that your weekend is going great!


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