Tuesday, July 6, 2010

June Cookie Carnival Roud Up

The round up is finally here!  
If you like what you see, please take a minute to post here to let me know!

There were two cookies recipes this month:

Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies - from Cooking Light

and a Kids Bake cookie recipe S'Mores Sandwich Cookie Bars - from Hershey

Take a look at this awesome turnout!


Michelle@SomethingNewisCooking baked both cookies.
She said...
S'mores - "Being campers, I had to make this for Jimmy and myself. Good choice!"

Thumbprints - "It was my first time using almond paste. I must say I really like the way it flavors the cookies."

Rebecca@beurrista said "The Thumbprints are a fantastic cookie, any which way you look at them."

Cristine@CookingwithCristine baked both cookies.
She said....
S'Mores - "I am excited about this because it gives me the opportunity to post a LONG overdue 'Cooking with Anya.'" "We loved these bars and they didn't last long in the house. Anya had a blast putting them together."  {Be sure to check out her blog to see what Anya had to say!}

Cristine filled her thumbprint cookies with bittersweet chocolate!

Tiffany@TheBake-OffFlunkie baked the S'mores bars and said ""Mmmmmmm....bring on the milk!"

April@Abby Sweets said "These are amazingly good!"

Tessa@TheCookin'Chemist used red, white and blue marshmallow stars to give her s'mores such a cute festive look.

Katrina@BakingandBoys! said "“Delicious Hot S’chmoes Bar Cookies”, these are certainly perfect for any upcoming July picnics, family reunions, or Independence Day celebrations."  Taylor and Sam helped with the baking. {Be sure to check out her blog to see pics of her sons....and her beautiful new home!}

Carol@NoReasonNeeded recommends taking a staycation and making s'mores!

Donna, (a friend of mine who I met through FamilyCorner.com), loves to bake but she's not a blogging baker. She's joining the Cookie Carnival for the first time this month! Welcome, Donna! - Donna said "Hi, I am Donna from central California!  I love camping so I  made the s'mores cookies and they were so yummy!  I love the creamy marshmallow and melted chocolate centers! Thanks for the great recipe!

And my cookies.........

Tami said....
S'mores - {baking with Alexis!} My daughter and I had a lot of fun baking these cookies together. Alexis did such a great job measuring and mixing the cookie bars. {click on the link for pics of my little helper!}

Thumbprints - I haven't posted about the thumbprints yet because I'm working them in with a cookbook giveaway that's coming this week! Be sure to stop back and check it out!

And this just in......!!!

Rebecca@beurrista said that she decided to make s'mores bars after seeing all of the wonderful pictures and reading about them in this round up! {check out her blog to see her special little visitor. He's such a cutie!}

Thanks, Ladies, for another great month! 

What are YOU waiting for? 

Join in on the fun of the Cookie Carnival!

I hope to see everyone at July's Cookie Carnival Round Up!

Happy Baking!


Shonda said...

Yum! I didn't get a chance to make these cookies, but now I'm gonna!

Tiffiny Felix said...

What a great turnout! Looks like the S'more Bars won out as far as cookie-seduction ;) I don't love almond paste, so I didn't make the thumbprint cookies, but after seeing the chocolate on Cristine's cookies I may have to give them a try :) And welcome to Donna! I love that she baked along, baking blog or no baking blog :) Yay for everyone! I'm already looking forward to our July cookie :)

Stephanie said...

Definitely a great turn out! I can't believe I missed June's cookie; I would have made the s'mores cookie bars.

Thanks for hosting :)

Mommo said...

I didn't get to make them for the carnival but I think these S'more bars are going to be made this week at my house. They all look so yummy. Thanks.

Amanda said...

I totally intended to make these! Ugh, time just gets away from me :( What a great round up, looks like participation is picking back up!

ZONE F DG TEAM said...

Thanx for putting in the effort. Can't wait till the next one!!!

Joyce said...

Looks like a great roundup with both cookies. I have not participated in a long time but think I will jump in again in August when I have time to bake. I read some had difficulty finding the almond paste but I find that higher end food specialty markets usually carry it.

Unknown said...

It looks like your cookie round up was good tasty fun!

Cristine said...

Thanks for posting the round up! Everyone did a great job!

Katy said...

All the pictures look great! After spending all month looking for almond paste, I still haven't gotten the cookies made, lol! I will definitely have to try them anyway though! :)

Tami said...

We loved the s'mores bars. I would suggest giving them a try if you haven't yet. :)

Katy, I had to search and search for almond paste, too. I ended up making it myself..and it wasn't hard to do. In fact, if I would've thought of it sooner, I wouldn't have done all that running around to find it in a store.

This round was great. Thanks, ladies!!

rebecca @ beurrista said...

I actually made the s'mores today after seeing all your wonderful pictures! They're a huge hit here. I'll be posting them tomorrow. Thanks for two great recipes.

Tami said...

Can't wait to see them, Rebecca! :)

Vivian Thiele said...

The smores bars look terribly sweet but amazing! I'll have to try making them for my Sunday school class... sugar them up then send them home :-)

Sue said...

I've sort of been behind due to foot surgery, but am hoping to get the thumbprint cookies done even though they're late!
All the cookies look great that everyone posted! :)

♥Sugar♥Plum♥Fairy♥ said...

Delicious ROund up, im late but finally have my post up!!!
I did play around and came up with 7 and more varieties!!
All delicious!!
Thanxx a ton for the lovely choice of S'mores Tami and u know i have met S'mores for the first time here!!

I have them in different shapes too:-))


Hope u can add me to the round up too!!!
Happy day !!!

Sue said...

I finally posted the Thumbprint cookies to my blog and am working on getting a photo to you so that I can be included on the Round-up! :)

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