Monday, March 29, 2010

Menu Plan Monday & Bad Weather

We are very thankful today that we were able to escape harm from the terrible weather that surrounded us last night. If you watched the morning news today, you probably saw coverage of all of the damage that occurred around the Charlotte, NC area. We live smack dab in the middle of it. Yes, Dorothy, tornado season is here.

I spent most of the evening watching weather radars and standing outside on our patio watching the fabulous lightening show off in the distance....instead of menu planning. My kids were up late because no one could've possibly slept through the thunder and lightening or the noise of the rain and hail hitting the side of our apartment.

So, here I am once again posting a late menu. I'm ok with it, though, because my family and I are together safe & sound. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families who sustained damage by the storms.

And....   Let me tell you how one big storm can make for a class of very excited 1st graders! I walked into  my daughter's class this morning only to be surrounded by several students who were very eager to tell me their versions of what they saw last night. Watching their faces as they told me everything, seeing their eyes widen  with every descriptive word.....that just reassured me that even though I'm late making a menu plan or that my house is somewhat messy at times, I wouldn't pass up the opportunity to spend the morning with them whenever possible!

Have a great week! It's supposed to be sunny and warm here for the rest of the week! Yay!

My Low Carb Menu

M - turkey & egg cups on spinach* - new recipe

T - grilled sausage, grilled squash & salad

W - beef or pork kebabs, coleslaw & cucumbers in vinegar and oil

H - bbq chicken salad* - didn't try last week so new recipe this week

F- out with the family to celebrate my husband's BD

A - low carb pizza casserole

Family Menu

M - hot turkey sandwiches w/gravy

T - grilled hot dogs, pasta salad & carrot and celery stix w/ranch dressing

W - beef or pork kebabs, wild rice & cucumbers in vinegar and oil

H - bbq chicken salads

F - out with family to celebrate dad's BD

A - pizza loaf* and salad - new recipe

If you're looking for some new ideas for dinner, check out Menu Plan Monday.

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KKSC2NC said...

Just read this....I am in Raleigh and we got our share of that mess too! No sleep Monday night! At least its gonna be beautiful the rest of the week :)

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