Monday, January 11, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

For a while, I will be adding a family menu + my low carb dinner menu.

Family Menu

M - hot meatloaf sandwiches - turned into homemade spicy chicken sands because we were shopping later than expected
T - pork soulvaki, spaetzles,  & corn
W- chicken tacos & rice
H- skirt steak, salad & another side
F - pasta & sauce
A - grilled chicken, chicken rice, salad & green beans

Low Carb Menu

M - sloppy joe stuffed peppers
T - pork soulvaki, sauteed fresh green beans & cucumbers w/dressing
W - grilled chicken salad - grilled chicken, mushrooms & cheese over salad
H - skirt steak, grilled zucchini & salad
F -mexican omelet
A - chef salad

 For lots of great inspiration in menu planning, check out Menu Plan Mondays.

{Edited:  This is going to be one of the those crazy weeks where I rearrange the menu. To me, it really doesn't matter what day we eat the listed recipes, just making the menu and shopping for all of the supplies, really helps me out!}

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