Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Quick and Easy Powdered Donuts

Last Wednesday I was asked to send in 2 tubes of plain biscuits for a math project that my daughter's class was going to be working on. HHHmmm... I asked her what they had planned for the biscuits but she didn't know.

As soon as she got off of the bus Wednesday afternoon, she couldn't wait to tell me how they made donuts in their classroom! How very clever of her teacher to use food to teach math!

Mrs. H. fried the biscuits in some oil right there in the classroom and then allowed each student to roll their donut in powdered sugar, blue sugar crystals or brown sugar. The class worked on "even or odd" patterns after all of the donuts were covered in the selected sugars. Then they were allowed to eat their work!

You could hear the excitement in my daughter's voice as she relived making donuts that day! :)

Over the weekend my kids were wanting something for dessert but I hadn't planned anything for that day. I remembered that I had 2 cans of biscuits leftover from the 4 pack that I bought when I needed to send in biscuits to my daughter's classroom. My daughter was more than happy to provide the instructions for making these donuts.

Quick and Easy Powdered Donuts

2 cans of small plain biscuits
oil for frying
powdered sugar or granulated sugar
a paper bag or lg. plastic container with a lid
paper towels

Here's the instructions in her words: (My translations are next to it in parentheses.)

Before you start frying the donuts, fill a paper bag or lg. plastic container with 2 cups of powdered sugar or granulated sugar.

1. Pour some oil in a big pot ( I used about 2 inches of oil in a medium-sized frying pan)

2. Poke your finger through the biscuits to make a hole in the center of the donut ( you can use a thimble or a small circle cookie cutter if you want them to be neater but this way there are no leftover holes to deal with.)

3. Drop the biscuits into the oil and fry them. ( Watch the biscuits carefully once you drop them into the oil. They brown very quickly and will burn easily!)

4. Drop the donuts into the powdered sugar and give them a good shake! ( At this point, once I took the donuts out of the oil, I laid them on paper towels for about 30 seconds to remove just a bit of the oil. I cooked 5 donuts at a time and then dropped them into a plastic container that had a lid. That way the kids could shake on the powdered sugar without making a big mess.)

This dessert works best if you have two people working quickly - one frying the donuts and one helping to add and remove the donuts from the sugar.

6. Time to eat!


MaierHousehold said...

I love this!

I may just have to give this a try!

Tami said...

My kids sure did have a good time!

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