Sunday, May 24, 2009

Spring Bug Cupcakes

Do you have kids who are crazy about flying bugs? These sweet treats are made from their favorite candies. One look at them and who could resist smiling? They'll bring out the bug lover in all of us!

What You Need
1 box white cake mix + ingredients need to prepare mix
cupcake liners
vanilla frosting
paste food coloring in bright colors

Candies for Bugs
sour gummi worms
gumdrop fruit slices
mini jawbreakers
pull-a-part licorice
mini chocolate chips

What You Do
Prepare cupcakes as directed on box using cupcake liners. Cool completely.

To Assemble Bugs:

* Body - one gummi worm
* Wings - 4 fruit slices cut in half. Use tops of each fruit slice only for the pretty decorated lines
* Head - mini jawbreaker
* Antennae - licorice

Frost the top of cupcake white before assembling butterflies.

Lady Bug:
* Body - vanilla icing tinted black
* Wings - 2 red fruit slices, cut in half -use tops only. Use a toothpick to dig out tiny holes for the mini chocolate chips. Press chocolate chips into the holes in the fruit slices.
* Head - red icing. Mini chocolate chips for eyes
* Antennae - licorice

Frost the top of cupcake red before assembling ladybugs.

Dragon Fly:
* Body - 1 piece of pull-a-part licorice, end rolled into a point. Colored icing for dots on body.
* Wings - 4 sour gummi worms trimmed to fit
* Head - mini jawbreaker
* Antennae - licorice

Frost top of cupcake green before assembling dragon flies.


Barbara Bakes said...

How cute are these! Great ideas!

Tami said...

Thanks so much!

Candy said...

These are adorable! Great job!

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