Sunday, February 13, 2011

January Cookie Carnival Round Up!

The round up is finally here and boy do I have some pretty cookies to show you!

The two choices for the month were

Two Tone Cookie Crinkles

Raspberry Limoncello Linzers

Surprisingly, everyone chose the crinkle cookies. There was a big debate over why these cookies were called crinkles. Really, I have no idea why. 

Our Cookie Carnival bakers are so talented...take a look at these cuties!

Chaya @ Bizzy B. Bakes said "With a vanilla and chocolate component, you know it is good."

Mrs T @ Across My Kitchen Table said "These went over quite well at the potluck I took them to."

Kerri @ Kerri's Texas Kitchen said "I dressed them up a bit in preparation for Valentines Day. Everyone at home and work that tried them out really enjoyed them. I liked that they weren't super sweet but just sweet enough."

Sue @ Munchkin Munchies said "Two-Tone Cookie Crinkles double your pleasure with a chocolate cookie and a butter cookie, sandwiched together with chocolate ganache in between.  A chocolate and cookie lover's delight."

Juliana @ horneandoalgo said "A simple, yet captive cookie."

Krista @ Meet the Swans said "I followed the recipe exactly as written, but added a few drops of pink food coloring and raspberry flavoring to the plain dough. So instead of having a brown and white cookie dough, I ended up with a brown and pink."

Thank you for joining us this month. If you like what you see, please let me know! Share some blog love. Take a minute to stop by these ladies' blogs, too! They are awesome! 

We are working on two new cookies for this month. If you haven't joined the Cookie Carnival yet, I'd love for you to do so! If you've joined but haven't participated in a while, I'd love for you to come back again! The more, the merrier!

Click here for info. on how you can join the Cookie Carnival!


juliana alonso dorola said...

hello tami!
i sen dyou my picture and link at the end of the month, but i dont see it on the round up... in fact, i use the recipe twice
this is for the cookie carnival:
and this is just for fun:

Tessa said...

Tami -

I just wanted to say thanks for keeping the Carnival going! I've been a rather absent member recently, but I hope to get back into the swing of things soon. I've been away from my kitchen for 9 months for school but am looking forward to being back home in ~ 2 weeks. Thanks again for all your hard work!

Tami said...

Juliana, I've added your cookie to the round up. I checked again but don't see your email. I'm not sure what happened to it but thanks for letting me know. I'm sorry to have missed it.

All of the cookies turned out beautiful this month!!

Tessa. I hope that school has gone well for you. :) I'd love to see you join us again!! Come back soon!!


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