Wednesday, November 3, 2010

September Cookie Carnival Round Up!

First of all, I can't thank you all enough for sticking with the Cookie Carnival while I've been away. I can't tell you how much it means to me...thank you! thank you! thank you!

An update on my Mom -- After many ups and downs, she was finally able to go home over the weekend after two months in the hospital. Thank you to everyone who said prayers for her. She still has some battles to fight but she is determined to do her best to get back to living the life she is used to. :)

I think that I am finally back on track with no computer problems right now. YAY! 

Now to catch up on things!!

For our September Cookie Carnival we baked two cookies:

Apple Butter Cookies from Food Network Canada's Anna Olsen
Chiquita Banana Breakfast Cookies from the Chiquita Banana website

I received a lot of positive feedback for the apple butter cookies - they reminded me of the Little Debbie Pumpkin Snack Cakes. The banana cookies, not so much, although some people changed them up a bit and ended up liking them. It seems that we all had trouble with the banana cookies and not many liked the way they tasted. If have to say, though, my husband liked them. I didn't like them at all. I think that the secret might have been to add some chocolate chips to the banana cookies.

Here's some thoughts on the cookies: 

Shonda@The KnowltonNest made the banana cookies

She said "I was pleased with how moist the cookies were. Tastes great with a glass of milk!"

Tia@ButtercreamBarbie made the apple butter cookies

 She said "It's like a little taste of fall in every bite!" She made her own apple butter, too!

Andrea@MyLifeandGoodTimes baked the apple butter cookies

 This was one of her first experiences with apple butter. She described the cookies as a tasty fall treat!

 Katrina@BakingandBoys baked the banana breakfast cookies

 She said "I think these were a great way to use up some of those overripe bananas I always have on the counter!"

Yi Shen@WorkoutThenCook! made the banana breakfast cookies

 She ended up with breakfast "pancake" cookie but said that they were still moist and yummy. 

Krista@MeettheSwans baked both cookies!

For the banana cookies, she says "Isn’t it great when “breakfast” is in the name of the cookie? Then it is perfectly OK to eat cookies for breakfast." 

She also made homemade apple butter for the apple butter cookies. She has a poll on her blog asking if you think these cookies are sandwich cookies or not? 

Vivian@LetsTryThese made the apple butter cookies

She wasn't thrilled with these cookies. Even though she used homemade apple butter, it didn't make the cookies taste any better to her.

Katy@AlphabetSoup baked pumpkin butter cookies

 She said "I really liked the way they turned out.  They are more muffin-like in texture."

 Lisa@Gourmified made the banana breakfast cookie

Although she wasn't thrilled with the breakfast cookies, her kids had fun in the kitchen with her! (That's what I like to hear!! - Tami)


This was a fantastic round up! Thank you so much for participating! 

Welcome to all of our new members!

Welcome back to everyone who has been away for a while.

Please spread the word around about the Cookie Carnival! Everyone is welcome to participate!


Sue said...

Glad your mom is out of the hospital and doing better!
All the cookies look great!

ZONE F DG TEAM said...

I'd love to know how you got the tabs at the top of your blog....HELP!!!!

Shonda said...

I am so glad that I could participate this month. I'm going to try to do it monthly! So fun to try new cookie recipes!

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