Sunday, September 5, 2010

Pita Pizza

We have a new favorite in our house...pita pizzas. I know that lots of families already eat these but they're new to us. Everyone enjoyed personalizing their own pizza with their favorite toppings.

With just a few ingredients for the pizzas and a quick side salad, dinner hit the table in no time at all. YAY!

Pita Pizza

1 pita bread per each pizza
Pizza sauce - I made 8 pizzas
using 1 1/2 cups of sauce

Mozzarella cheese
Fav toppings - I used sliced mushrooms,
black olives, turkey pepperoni & fresh parm

Preheat oven to 450*

Lay pita breads on cookie sheets. Top with sauce and mozzarella cheese. Allow everyone to top their pizza with their favorite toppings.

I had to use 2 cookie sheets at one time in the oven so I baked our pizzas for 8 minutes, and then switched positions with the trays in the oven and baked for another 2 minutes.

I'm planning on making a bunch of these and freezing them to have on hand for lunches or snacks.

Toppings that we've thought of:

Red sauce pizza
Buffalo chicken and cheese
Ham and cheese
veggie and cheese

This is also a great meal for kids to make (with help, of course, with the oven).


Anonymous said...

These are definately going on my menu for next week's dinners. GREAT idea! Yours look yummy.

Tami said...

Thanks! It's one of those simple meals that everyone enjoyed. :)

c. roelofs said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
c. roelofs said...

as your post said, our family has enjoyed these for a while...but mostly because we cook them on the outdoor grill in the summer so we don't heat up the house!

Alisa said...

oh wow, definitely gonna try it this weekend, especially since my niece and nephews are going to come over. They would sure love this :)

claire said...

this is such a great idea! looks delicious

Vanessa said...

These look so good! We like to make english muffin pizzas, but I will definitely have to try these!

It's a girl thing... said...

I've always wanted to try these.I think I am going to make these with my little brother this week.

Cheap Furniture Glendale said...

This is so quick and easy! Love it.

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